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Throughout the novel, both she and her mother refer to the outside world as "ghosts.

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Open Document. Chapter I Introduction 1. Background of study Adultery defined as a sex relationship between a married woman and a man other than her spouse or a sex relationship that usually happened also between unmarried couples in their relationship.

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Indeed, Adultery sometimes becomes something crucial in our society. As an addition, in certain societies or cultures, it considered as an illegal relationship or we can say forbidden against norm or belief in societies or cultures itself. Like what the writers have discussed above, that adultery has a strong relationship to …show more content… The purposes are: 1.

Enrich the reader's knowledge of understanding feminism and its application in a literary work. Help the other writer who also interested in No Name Woman to understand its contents, especially in term of literary feminism. Help the researches who want to analyze No Name Woman on other topics. Give more information and knowledge about term of feminism for the writer.

Theoretical approach The theoretical approach that the writers use to analyze the perspective of Chinese society toward woman adultery in No Name Woman is feminism approach. Whereas in feminism approach that stated by Virginia Wolf in book Literary Criticism an Introduction and Practice, Woolf declares that men have and continue to treat women as inferiors.

No Name Woman: Maxine Hong Kingston - Essay Example

It is the male, she asserts, who defines what it means to be female and who control the political, economic, social, and literary structures Based on the book Charles E. An illegitimate child is someone who disturbs and harmony and wholeness of the village. No Name Woman is attacked because her immoral action adultery, confirmed by her pregnancy, threatens moral behavior enforced through centuries of tradition.

In the village structure,? Kingston notes,? When No Name Woman? Her family no longer considers her among the? When Kingston says the This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. Got it!

No name woman

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Then, Kingston explores the different. Maxine Hong Kingston is arguably one of today's most outspoken contemporary feminist writers. However, when she was initially thrown into an American lifestyle by her parents, she faced enormous difficulties in cultural divergence, leaving her to question everything she has ever learned. Her memoirs, The Woman Warrior, celebrate this victorious journey from a once silenced Chinese immigrant to a liberated Chinese. I would have been an outlaw knot-maker However, Maxine continues to be a knotmaker of complex yet inaccurate stories, telling the reader that The Woman Warrior.

Maxine Kingston's memoir, The Woman Warrior describes the struggles of a Chinese-American woman growing up as she attempts to find a balance between two cultures and to find her own identity within them. Kingston's novel abounds with imagery, from the ghosts and barbarians, to the different colors black, white, and red.

Every character is introduced in a way to clarify Kingston's motives for writing. Through her stories, she. The Power of Words in "Woman Warrior" by Maxine Hong Kingston words - 3 pages religious figure included in part of our nation's oath. Many argue that there is supposed to be a separation of church and state, but aren't words just words? Don't these intangible objects have no strength? Maxine Kingston pursues a verbal battle for civil rights while fighting the notion that words carry no weight in society.

Maxine Hong Kingston's Woman Warrior - No Name Woman Essay

Although the Fa Mu Lan had magical powers that Maxine can only dream of, Maxine, ironically, can fight a much greater battle. The entire chapter focuses on Maxine trying to find her own individual voice and niche in society.

At an early age, Kingston was always picked last, didn't fit in with her classmates who were allowed to participate in plays, and failed kindergarten. All of these abnormalities can be attributed to Maxine's inability to find her own identity.

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  • During chapters one and two, Brave orchid is depicted as a sexist tyrant who is ashamed of her daughter. Bad girl Furthermore, the only reason for Moon Orchid's current survival can be attributed to her husband's financial support of her, turning her into a worthless pig. It can thus be concluded that becoming entirel either materialistic or hedonistic proves to be severely detrimental to one's character. Perhaps Maxine Kingston is trying to express that a middle-of-the-road path is the best to lead a cheerful existence. One surely does.