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This literature review is revolve around cooperate culture and to discuss the basic theory of organizational culture and corporate culture for the influence of enterprise performance. Since then, organization of culture has opened a new page and a lot of organizational culture research paper is constantly emerging by group of distinguished researchers as Ouchi, Hofstede, Sehein, Wilkins etc, they are excellent at the area of organizational culture in their respective areas of expertise and conducted successful research.

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After the 80s the academics and businesses were mainly studying the organization culture management that were based on the following elements, comparative management culture, factual study of the culture and management of the cooperate culture and other relative elements of the culture. Hofstede points out variation of manage practices, similarity or dissimilarity due to different culture or countries, and hance finding out the effect of culture on organizational performance.

As Lincoln and Kalleberg In their reseach of the United States and Japanese enterprises explored the work attitude with emphasis on the culture, and they visualize culture as a management tool for the organization control. Some culture researcher like Schein and Kotter and Heskett were using questionnaire or empirical data as research method. Considerable attention has been given to leadership and organization culture. Also there are other researcher consider effectiveness between coalition of culture and other factor during the organization management. Ogbonna et al. Leadership style cannot be directly affect organizational performance and can only through the organizational culture as a media to indirect influence performance.

Corresponding is that competitive and innovation of Cultural characteristics directly affect performance. Strong cultures have greater influence that means it has a wide range of permeability and far reaching impact on the strength of the entity.

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If the team member are provided with consistent targets and shared the same values, they will be satisfied with what they are doing and will be more focused with their tasks. However even if the culture of the organization is pointed in right direction but the members cannot understand or achieve it or be loyal to it, then this will be a weak culture with negative impact on the performance of the entity. Trice also indicates that a strong organizational culture also can reduce the cost of decision- making and make work specialization.

Strong organizational culture has been recommended by Akin and Hopelain to the entire managers who wish to enhance their productivity or performance. The organization will receive great return from investments or marketing if they propagate culture and using it as the decision making tool.

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The organizations that do not propagate culture always get less return; it has been confirmed by Denison Regardless of companies strategy or culture being people or reliability or productivity orientated they all still compete for great profit and productivity. Of course, all these factors also greatly affect the performance of the business. Some scholars have began to try or test the construction of culture-performance causal relationships, such as Peters and Waterman of excellent companies , all emphasize positive effect of organizational culture on organizational performance.

To sum up, in the 20 years of organizational culture research, great achievements have been made.

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Culture can be regarded not only as a Relative special management field; it can also create influence and change cultural reality. Therefore, this paper is based on the organizational culture of the evolution process.

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In the wake of the loss of two great CEOs, James Heskett asks which schools are ready to turn out the next generation of transformative leaders? How deeply does the culture of a startup matter? Can it be shaped? To do their best work, people need to feel secure and safe in their workplace. In a new book, Amy C. Edmondson details how companies can develop psychological safety. For James Heskett's readers, the answer is not so simple. What are the tradeoffs between going to a startup versus joining a mature company?

Julia Austin, who has worked on both sides of the house, has some advice. James Heskett's readers have widely divergent beliefs about whether they should ever be considered for new posts.

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Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods seemed a Wall Street dream come true. But then Amazon's data-driven efficiency met the customer-driven culture at Whole Foods—and the shelves began to empty. Dennis Campbell and Tatiana Sandino discuss their new case study.

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James Heskett's readers debate the value of corporate transparency on compensation. The paper also gives investors and proxy advisors a roadmap to interpret pay ratios and pay disparity.

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This roadmap may help regulators and firms to, respectively, mandate and prepare more informative disclosures. A podcast featuring faculty discussing cases they've written and the lessons they impart.

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