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Consumer electronics. Continuous improvement. International Journal of Lean Six Sigma , 7 3. Gutierrez Gutierrez, L.

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AU - de Leeuw, S. AU - Dubbers, R.

U2 - International Journal of Lean Six Sigma. No notes for slide. Six sigma case study bjs 1. Main Focus 1. Introduction 2. Research Plan 3. Literature Survey 4. Research Gap 5. Problem Formulation 6.

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Objectives of Study 7. Research Work Findings 8. Result Appraisal Economic Analysis Conclusions Scope in Future References Publications From Work 3. However, these methods have failed to deliver required performance over the last decade or so Sadagopan et al. With the reduction of geographical barriers and the pressure of competing in the global market, overall operational and service excellence has become a necessity for these industries to remain globally competitive Rao and Rao, Quality Programmes Undertaken 9.

Lean Six Sigma implementation: multiple case studies in a developing country

SO… To check low productivity levels and for global competitiveness, this industry must strive hard to achieve overall operational excellence in business by looking for flexibility, shorter lead time and defects reduction; because only such a configuration of production system can fulfill the customer expectations.

In this context Six Sigma can be a powerful business improvement strategy, that enables industry to use simple but powerful statistical methods for achieving operational excellence.

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Zu et al. Sigma level improved from 1. Wang et al. Basu A washing machine manufacturing unit Failure of drum bearings reduction in customer complaints and customer satisfaction achieved 3.

Flott General Electric company Keys for successful implementation of quality tools Finding Keys factors for successful implementation 4. Antony et al. Garg Indian automobile sector Effective implementation of quality tools in Indian automobile sector Finding Success factors These issues primarily covered in various journals, reference manuals, handbooks, text books, e-resources etc are: a Six Sigma: Concept and Evolution b Six Sigma in Manufacturing Sector Behara et al.

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A defect can be anything froma faulty part to an incorrect customer bill. Katayama and Bennett Six Sigma is a rigorous data gathering and statistical analysis technique which can be used to pinpoint sources of errors and suggests ways of eliminating them. Mikel Six Sigma is a systematic, highly disciplined, customer-centric and profit-driven organization-wide strategic business improvement initiative. Hendricks and Kelbaugh A quality improvement program with a goal of reducing the number of defects to as low as 3. Hahn et al. Sanders and Hild Six Sigma methodologies link the tools and techniques in a sequential manner.

Ingle and Roe A philosophy that employs a well-structured continuous improvement methodology to reduce process variability and drive out waste frombusiness using various techniques.

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Antony A business performance improvement strategy that aims to reduce the number of defects — to as low as 3. Hong and Goh Six Sigma is a customer focus, data-driven, and robust methodology, which is well rooted in mathematics and statistics. It is based upon the phenomenon of defect reduction Markarian Six Sigma is a business improvement strategy that seeks to find and eliminate causes of defects in business process by focusing on outputs that are critical for customers.

Marti Sigma is basically Greek term for variation. Six Sigma is extremely structured program whose prime objective is to improve business process by minimizing the variation. Jiju Antony et al. Published online: 11 Jun Vijaya Sunder M. Published online: 1 Jul Alessandro Laureani et al.

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