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AngularJS custom search data by writing custom filter | The ecreapnaren.tk Forums

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AngularJS Built-in+Custom Filters Dissected

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AngularJS will then sort it by the first element of the array, and keep cascading to the next element if it is equal. Comparator is used in determining if the expected value from the filter expression and actual value from the object in the array should be considered a match. For example, we can use currency filter in our controller as follows:. First parameter to the filter function is the input to work upon. Rest of the arguments are same as in View Templates.

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  • Built-in filters are great but not enough. In those specific situations where you want to implement your own filter, you can create custom filters. It follows the same syntax as Controllers or services. First parameter is the name of filter which we can use in HTML. We can apply the AngualrJS Filter in a view template.

    Also, we can apply a filter on the result obtained by another filter. Chaining is the phenomenon when filters are applied to the already filtered content. If Uppercase filter is used then the string that is taken as an input in any format is formatted and gets displayed to the user in an uppercase format as an output. Currency filter is used to change the convert the number in the specified currency. In case no symbol of currency is specified then by default the symbol for current locale is used.

    AngularJS filters

    It is applied only on array elements. A particular element is selected from an array based on certain condition and a new array is created from the existing array. Date filter in AngularJS use to convert the date into a string according to the specified date format. It is used to format the data or a numerical value taken as an input. It can add a comma or specified fraction size in it. Angular JS provides a way to create our own filter that is customized filter. You can create one by registering a filter factory function in a module. AngularJS Filter function should be a pure function.

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