Culture vs identity essay

It is a typical academic essay made of 5 paragraphs; unlike general papers, this one should relate to the topics associated with the origins of the writer. It is a great chance for all international students who made their long way to the United States or the United Kingdom from China, India, German, Egypt, and other countries where English is not an official language. Such students can express their feelings and emotions in a nostalgic composition about their land. The main purpose of the essay about cultural identity is to share a sense of identification with the particular nation.

Describing the most vivid traditions and episodes from history will help. It looks like a narrow, restricted assignment, but students can choose out of a great range of paper titles :.

Cultural identity essay structure

A person can write about everything related to his motherland. A teacher will appreciate the usage of any literature. Use it to describe the native land of the student novels, short stories, poems, etc. A student from Iran can identify his native land as Persia. He might get extra points from the teacher by mentioning the most distinguished poets of Persia Omar Khayyam, Rudaki, Asad Gorgani in the essay about cultural identity. Insert the quotations of these authors to depict the spirit of Persia. A cultural identity essay has no particular differences from a typical reflection paper.

To succeed, a student should mix a reflection essay with a history research paper.

It would be the 1st part of the project. That is why a writer can use a 1st person.

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It is possible to compose a paper in the 3rd person like a separate short story. The same with the primary sources : a student may involve the quotes of other authors, facts, statistics, and examples from books if he wants to highlight the topic from different aspects. It is not obligatory because a cultural identity essay has to focus on the personal experience and feelings. Additional research is an advantage in any situation. A student may view various examples to get inspired and outstandingly start the paper. As for the format, teachers recommend using the one established by the Modern Language Association because MLA is what a student needs in his English Language and Literature class.

Reflective Essay on Cultural Identity Sample

Let the cultural identity essay example give an overall understanding of how to compose this type of paper. It is reflected in meals, literature, religion, anthropology, behavior, family structure, cinematography, music, art, language, and many other factors.

It is a symbolic level. African American life is based on the faith and hope: we express it via music, prayer, and worship.

Essay on My Identity

The religion of my family reminds more of the modern United States than African tribes, but it is different from a typical Christianity. I have felt my passion for the humanitarian subjects from the beginning of the educational process. The one subject that people of African American origins stress among the rest is music. Music is the best way to identify one with the particular culture. There are many different genres applied to express various emotions. One of my favorite historical episode to describe my ethnical belonging the best was June 19th when the slaves started to celebrate Juneteenth Holiday, which is recognized by the entire country nowadays.

There are no sources required for this type of essay. You need to tell about your own experience, skills emotions, and your knowledge when writing essays on cultures. In most cases, you may need to include some in-text citations to demonstrate your country of origin. It is also good to include sources of famous writers explaining the art, music, literature, and traditions of your native land.

You may or may not need to include citations and references as well. When writing a culture essay, the subject to write about may not be broad.

Cultural Identity Essay: Identity of a Person in the World

Ideally, you can select 5 things when writing the essay which can be:. You can explain the gratitude of your community towards your participation in safeguarding the rights of uncommon creatures. Also, you may decide to talk about your experience you got after attending a national holiday. You can also talk about place where you were educated about the local meals and describe how to cook the meals and prepare the table. A culture identity essay may be intricate or simple and many a time, you will be asked to write such an essay.

This is crucial as it is the way you can gauge your skills or research, explanation and also a demonstration of what you are knowledgeable about. This is where you can also express yourself personally or professionally. In this case, you will be required to write an essay.

This is the right time to demonstrate your skills when it comes to research, explanation, and presentation. The first thing is to pick the right topic to write about. This is where you will need to pick a topic that you understand can write well about it.

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  8. This way, you will be able to flow with the structure and present ideas clearly. Research is necessary at this stage and the topic is selected by teachers. Another important aspect is to establish the ideas. At this stage, brainstorming and research of the content gathered on the topic comes in handy. To enable you to express an augment to your readers in a better way, you will need to have a thesis statement.

    A thesis is a statement that is expressed as an augment that follows the introduction. You will need to come up with the thesis during the planning stage since it forms the basis of the direction you should follow when writing the essay. Once you are done refining what should be in your essay and establish how you will present argument, you can now start writing it. Note that when writing essays about identity the thesis statement can be extensive. The body paragraphs of a culture identity essay can be lengthy or short.

    In fact, this is the bulkiest part of the paper. The body of the essay needs to have 5 paragraphs and different paragraphs should present a different idea. If possible, when the first paragraph has 5 sentences the second paragraph should also contain the same number of sentences. If you decide to write paragraphs of different lengths, ensure to include some elements that are similar to make it uniform.

    At this stage, you will need to be very brief so that no paragraphs appears too large than the others. When writing the paragraphs in the body section of the identity essay, remember the following:. Note that you need to include a topic sentence in every paragraph to help the reader to know what to expect. You are only required to pick the main points in the essay or the argument.