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This is especially so if destructive processes are involved e.

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Disclaimer: Attempts to reformat your thesis may lead to an annihilation of the soul. There are alternatives to peer-reviewed publication.

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For this process, you have to go through many steps such as manuscript reformatting, peer review and possible rejection. Instead of this long-winded, and often extremely time-consuming process, you can submit your data and thesis, as it is, to open online archives. The only time this takes is that required to make an account free , and upload the research, in raw formats in most cases.

Any scientist who think this is a negative step under-values themselves and the role of peer-review. On the other hand.

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This is not just in terms of results and conclusions drawn, but also the literature critiques that accompany them, potential new methodologies, and the original re-usable data. Despite potentially being a difficult and time-consuming task, preparing and submitting a manuscript can be emotionally satisfying, and give a student a great sense of accomplishment and a confidence boost. Gareth Monger April 18, , pm. Hi, I was just reading your interesting blog entry regarding publishing research, and I was wondering if you know whether or not researchers would be interested in commissioning illustrations for their papers?

I did a couple of pieces recently for blogs ScienceHubb, Natural Selections , but working with researchers has added benefits. Consider all the available formats. Depending on the subject and breadth of the topic, some proposals may develop into a full-length monograph c. While a PhD thesis is meant to be read and scrutinized by your supervisors and examiners, the readership of your book will extend to the broader academic community, scholars and practitioners, who may not be specialized on or even familiar with your research topic.

The motivation behind writing your book will need to be rethought to reflect the expectations of your new audience and should clearly unfold in the introduction. The objective is not to convince your examiners that you have what it takes to complete a PhD, but to make sure the book is coherent and your conclusions are persuasive.

Your thesis is not a book!

The conclusion should summarize your key findings and identify avenues for further research. Look over the table of contents in books which you would consider as related literature or competitors. How does that differ from the structure of your thesis?

You should simplify and optimize your table of contents so as to articulate the material in a logical and accessible fashion. Monographs are normally much shorter than PhD theses.

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  • Separate chapters about the review of literature and research methodologies may be vital in a thesis, but will not be necessary in a book, as readers and experts in your field will be familiar already with both. References to the relevant literature can be moved to the endnotes of individual chapters, and what is not pertinent to advancing your own arguments can be cut out. The methodology chapter should be reduced and merged with the introduction if not omitted altogether.

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    How do I write a proposal for a PhD-based book? Think of it as a brand new project which builds on rather than derives from your PhD research. Avoid recommending your supervisors or examiners as potential peer reviewers.

    Keep footnotes and endnotes to a minimum. Be mindful that you will need to obtain permission to include quotes from interviewees if they were not informed at the time of the interview that these could appear in print. Otherwise, these quotes must be attributed anonymously or removed completely. Reduce third-party materials as much as possible, as obtaining permission for this content is the responsibility of the author and can be a time-consuming process.

    Informally ask colleagues or mentors to read your chapters before submission. An outside perspective can help refine the work for final publication.

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    If English is not your first language, it might be useful to ask a native speaker to read-through the manuscript as well. MyPalgrave for authors Please log in to track the publication status of your book or article and enjoy your free eBook. For first time login: Request password here Log in.