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In their opinion, it should happen because of the accumulation of carbon dioxide of anthropogenic origin in the atmosphere. In the Quaternary period, which includes our time, the content of CO2 in the air is very low. But the pace of accumulation of this gas in the atmosphere is unprecedentedly high.

Until recently, most researchers considered the combustion of fossil fuels as almost the single reason for the CO2 increase in the air in the XIX and XX centuries. Today, there are deforestation, agriculture, overgrazing and a number of other violations among the processes that violate the reproduction of the soil and vegetation cover of the Earth. You should pay the special attention to this phenomenon in your reasons of global warming essay. Deforestation during construction, mining, creation of reservoirs and especially transformation of forest lands into agricultural ones is considered the most important factor leading to a non-renewable loss of organic matter in the biosphere.

The reduction of a green cover of the planet and the burning of fuel cause an equal damage on our planet. Degradation of forests occurs on the background of excessive recreation activities and tourism, air pollution and in a number of other cases intensive grazing, flooding of the terrain, drainage of nearby swamps, etc.

Observations have established that even an insignificant load causes changes in the soil-vegetation cover. They become smaller.

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The branches are thin and short. Mechanical damage to forests leads to the development of diseases and pests. When natural territories are visited by large groups of people, the lower tiers of vegetation die, a soil litter is trampled and a humus horizon suffers. The forest degradation is very noticeable with significant air pollution. Fly ash, coal and coke dust clog the pores of leaves, reduce the access of light to plants and weaken the process of assimilation.

Sulfurous anhydrite is toxic to plants. The vegetation is completely destroyed under the influence of the smokes and gases of copper smelters in close proximity. Significant damage to the forests is caused by the acid precipitation connected with the spread of sulfur compounds into hundreds and thousands of kilometers. A great decrease in forest biomass is apparently also due to fires. In our time, agriculture is a powerful process leading to a rapid reduction of humus resources in soil and the release of CO2.

You may choose its influence on general warming as one of climate change research topics. The most of humus is lost in a result of strong erosion and weathering. In addition, the cultivated lands lose this element due to its oxidation during the plowing and burning of vegetation in the framework of the slash-and-burn agriculture system. The constant loss of humus is observed when nitrogen stocks are depleted in the soil.

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In developed countries, nitrogen depletion is compensated by using mineral nitrogen fertilizers and cultivation of leguminous crops. Excessive grazing in tundra, forests, meadows and especially in deserts leads to the destruction of the land and also should be mentioned in the causes of global warming essay.

Simultaneously with the desertification, the soil with its organic matter is gradually removed. Drainage leads to the oxidation of organic substances accumulated in peat bogs. So this phenomenon also should be in your global climate change essay outline. When removing 1-meter layer of marsh water from 1-hectare area, tens of tons of dissolved organic matter are released.

In some cases, this practice causes soil losses as a result of irrigation erosion. At the same time, the correct melioration of poor desert areas increases the resources of organic matter in the soil. This is one of the most lively discussed environmental science research paper topics. Currently, 0. After that, they are most often quickly destroyed. Construction and growth of cities, creation of communications and mining work generally lead to complete destruction of the soil and vegetation cover, although parks are often formed on the areas subjected to these processes.

But this solves the problem only partially. Even the most approximate calculation will give the total figure of annual losses equal to several hundred million tons of organic matter. There would not be so much global warming essay examples if humanity was not wary of possible consequences of this phenomenon. If current tendencies will remain, the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere will double by compared with the pre-industrial level and fourfold by the end of the century.

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This is a very disturbing fact because the life cycle of CO2 in the atmosphere is more than a hundred years. For the comparison, water vapor has the eight-day cycle. Pessimistic predictions are based on the idea of a dynamic equilibrium between all components of the natural environment and the danger of its breaking.

In particular, anthropogenic warming of the climate, the decrease or even disappearance of snow and ice masses in high latitudes and at the poles of the Earth will significantly weaken the meridional atmospheric circulation and, as a consequence, lead to the moistening of the continents. Over the past years, the level of the World Ocean has increased by an average of 1 mm per year.

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Indicate in your effects of global warming essay that the most significant scale of predicted changes should be observed in the Arctic and Subarctic. Degradation of permafrost and ice rocks can occur in these zones. All cities, towns, and communications built on such territories are threatened with destruction.

There are all sorts of reasons to believe that radical climatic shifts and the melting of glaciers will be accompanied by a violation of the processes in the depths of the earth.

Due to the redistribution of water masses from the poles to low latitudes, the Earth's rotation speed will slow down by a negligible amount. Nevertheless, this should cause a change in its shape. The flattening of the Earth will somewhat decrease. In the middle and low latitudes, compressive stresses should increase.

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Will such impulses stimulate volcanism and earthquakes in the Circum-Pacific belt, the Mediterranean, and other similar areas? If in connection with the disintegration of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, the level of ocean water will grow rapidly by m, this may be enough to activate seismic volcanic processes in the most "sensitive" areas. Flooding of the continental edges, changing the geography of their wet and arid zones will also affect the underground "hydrosphere". Will not the uplift and lowering of the earth's crust in the zones of growth and reduction of natural water horizons be accompanied by the seismic activity?

The available data on anthropogenic subsidence and uplifts of the earth's surface exciting seismicity indicate the probability of such events. The dynamic balance between the earth's shells that is maintained by slow-moving geological and geographic processes can be disastrously disrupted for hundreds of years. Such a violation will undoubtedly cause great damage to the world economy, although the technical genius of mankind should be able to resist it.

Therefore, the measures need to be taken to counteract the increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration and provide safety for the biosphere and humanity. Given the data collected from all over the world and the results of the UN Commission's studies, the average temperature may rise by 1.

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The level of the World Ocean will increase by 10 cm, jeopardizing the countries that are situated low in comparison with the sea level. Given the influence of mankind on the environment, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC insists on increasing the number of observations to create a more complete picture of global warming.

Your global warming persuasive essay should be based on information provided by reputable researchers and organizations. The United Nations has great influence in various parts of the world.

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So you have all reasons to take the opinion of UN experts into account. Conclusions of specialists are disappointing: negative results of warming will be felt almost everywhere. For most of Europe, the threat of floods will increase significantly. The glaciers of the Alps and large areas of permafrost will begin to melt and completely disappear by the end of this century.

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Climate change will have a positive impact on the crops harvested in Northern Europe. But the almost equally negative effect will be observed in the agriculture of Southern Europe. This area will suffer from constant droughts in the 21st century.