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Locke later reported that he found the undergraduate curriculum at Oxford dull and unstimulating. Although their works were not on the official syllabus , Locke was soon reading them. At Oxford Locke made contact with some advocates of the new science, including Bishop John Wilkins, the astronomer and architect Christopher Wren , the physicians Thomas Willis and Richard Lower, the physicist Robert Hooke , and, most important of all, the eminent natural philosopher and theologian Robert Boyle.

Locke attended classes in iatrochemistry the early application of chemistry to medicine , and before long he was collaborating with Boyle on important medical research on human blood. Medicine from now on was to play a central role in his life. The restoration of the English monarchy in was a mixed blessing for Locke. It led many of his scientific collaborators to return to London, where they soon founded the Royal Society, which provided the stimulus for much scientific research.

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But in Oxford the new freedom from Puritan control encouraged unruly behaviour and religious enthusiasms among the undergraduates. These excesses led Locke to be wary of rapid social change , an attitude that no doubt partly reflected his own childhood during the Civil Wars. In his first substantial political work, Two Tracts on Government composed in but not published until , Locke defended a very conservative position: in the interest of political stability, a government is justified in legislating on any matter of religion that is not directly relevant to the essential beliefs of Christianity.

This view, a response to the perceived threat of anarchy posed by sectarian differences, was diametrically opposed to the doctrine that he would later expound in Two Treatises of Government In Locke was appointed senior censor in Christ Church , a post that required him to supervise the studies and discipline of undergraduates and to give a series of lectures.

The resulting Essays on the Law of Nature first published in constitutes an early statement of his philosophical views, many of which he retained more or less unchanged for the rest of his life. Of these probably the two most important were, first, his commitment to a law of nature , a natural moral law that underpins the rightness or wrongness of all human conduct, and, second, his subscription to the empiricist principle that all knowledge , including moral knowledge, is derived from experience and therefore not innate.

These claims were to be central to his mature philosophy , both with regard to political theory and epistemology.

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However, Runciman under the influence of this particular bit of received wisdom approached the crisis as if it were intractable and that the Sudeten Germans therefore had just cause to foment the crisis. Consider, then, what we may also stand to lose as we accept Legal jibberish and the divinations of our Wise Black Robed overseers. In a short conversation with president Clinton I suggested Social Security be optional.

His response was interesting though evasive. However he went on to challenge my idea by bringing up the public cost of people that refuse to wear motorcycle helmets. I now receive SS so have modified my views somewhat. Opting out still seems a sound idea. Mr Pilon- thank you. Lessons of a Libertarian syndicated from […].

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