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Derek Scott also writes that children who are exposed to the least violence may be the most aroused and most likely to act aggressively 9. In any case, in order to prevent health problems of the mental and physical persuasion, one must spend more time doing other activities than just playing videogames all day.

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One should go outside and socialize with other people. The third and main reason many think videogames are an issue is the belief that all videogames promote and lead to violence. Such a concept is for the most part untrue. As mentioned earlier, many studies have concluded that violent videogames cause people to become more violent, yet many other studies have concluded that violent video games act as more of a stress reliever.

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Also, most of the people who committed atrocities and were influenced by videogames were also influenced by other factors. Two high school seniors, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, entered Columbine High School with firearms, murdered twelve students and a teacher, and also wounded about twenty-three other people before they committed suicide Espejo 2.

It cannot be denied that both Harris and Klebold were indeed influenced by video games specifically Doom ; however, both men were also influenced by an intense hatred that drove them to madness. I could also be used as an example. Throughout my gaming career, I have played some of the most violent video games ever released.

These games are considered to be extremely violent, and I have never once felt compelled to go to my high school and brutally murder five or six people with a shotgun. I never did this because I have never done drugs, I have never been drunk, and I have never been considered criminally insane. In conclusion, video games should not be blamed for the corruption of our children and our society.

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The things that are truly corrupting our society and our children are ignorance, recklessness, and foolishness. Parents allow themselves to be ignorant of the video games their children are playing.

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Players allow themselves to act recklessly when they believe that playing video games for ten, twenty, or even thirty hours on end won't have an adverse effect on their mental and physical health. People allow themselves to act foolishly by blaming video games for much of the violence in the world when in truth they should be blaming themselves. Espejo, Roman Ed. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Javier, Rafael Art. Many researchers are trying to come to the solution of the dilemma: do violent video games make children violent?

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According to John Riccitiello, the boss of Electronic Arts, the enormous amount of research done with the purpose of finding the link between entertainment content and actual violence still hasn't found the ultimate proof. On the other hand, research shows that video gaming can have positive effects upon the development of the brain and it can improve the eye-hand coordination, multitasking skills, focus, and decision-making processes.

According to a study published in by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, violent video games awaken a state of irritation. Thus, the gamers are more inclined to verbal aggression and brutal behavior. The study showed that the participants who played violent video games for just 20 minutes became less physically aroused by real violence.

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The gamers get used to the aggressive behavior they consider normal while playing video games, which is why they become almost numb when they see it in reality. This desensitization to violence is concerning, but the experiment did not measure actual aggressive behavior demonstrated by the participants who played violent video games.

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Thus, the results and assumptions from this study cannot be taken as prevailing arguments. Although violent games are sometimes associated with real-life violence, researchers haven't proved they are the actual causes of violence. It is the favorite past time and consists of interesting applications.

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With the increase in processing power, the modern day games have become more advanced and are laden with graphics. The introduction of high powered devices such as Play Station and Xbox has revolutionized the gaming concept and helped it to become more popular. Well, the video games seem to be highly advantageous but they have certain drawback too.

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Increases cognitive thinking: Video games play a very important role in enhancing the logical reasoning prowess of the children. Incredible machine or the angry bird applications compel the kids to think and adopt the best strategy to win the necessary points. They devise creating methods to resolve the puzzles quickly and effectively.

Enhancing the motor skills: One of the best advantages of the gaming technology is that it improves the hand and eye coordination in children. Coordination between the actual action and the cerebrum is essential to notch up the win. The regular practice could lead to improved motor skills that might help the child to become successful in the real world as well.