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Ritchie is a translational bioinformatics scientist, biomedical informatician, and computational human geneticist with a focus on developing novel approaches for understanding the relationship between our genome and human phenotypes. She has expertise in developing novel bioinformatics tools for complex analysis of big data in genetics, genomics, and clinical databases, in particular in the area of Pharmacogenomics. Ritchie has over 15 years of experience in the analysis of complex data and has authored over publications.

Ritchie has received several awards and honors including selection as a Genome Technology Rising Young Investigator in , an Alfred P. Ritchie has extensive experience in all aspects of genetic epidemiology and translational bioinformatics as it relates to human genomics. She also has extensive expertise in dealing with big data and complex analysis including GWAS, next-generation sequencing, data integration of meta-dimensional omics data, Phenome-wide Association Studies PheWAS , and development of data visualization approaches.


Statistical Genetics Vanderbilt University M. Applied Statistics Vanderbilt University B.

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The critical review should begin with a research question, go to the search methods employed in developing the review, move to a critical and focused review of research that bears on the question identified, move to a discussion of any limits or gaps in the literature reviewed that makes a place for the proposed publishable article, and conclude with specific plans for publication.

Upon acceptance of the proposal the student enters doctoral candidacy.

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Members of the School and University community, including faculty and doctoral students, are invited to attend. The Chair and committee members are responsibility for conducting the defense proceedings. The dissertation defense, similar to the dissertation proposal defense, is commonly characterized by four components:.

Decisions on acceptance are based on majority vote of the Dissertation Committee.

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Voting is conducted in a closed meeting of the committee. The Chair of the Dissertation Committee reports the results of the vote to the candidate immediately following the voting. The candidate is required to submit a copy of the final draft of the dissertation to the Doctoral Program Coordinator at least 10 days prior to the date of the dissertation defense.

Marylyn D. Ritchie, PhD

At the time of submitting a copy of the final draft the candidate must provide the following information to announce the defense of the dissertation to the Administrative Coordinator of the Doctoral Program: an abstract not exceeding words providing a summary of the dissertation; a sentence verifying that a copy of the final draft of the dissertation is available for reading through the Office of the Administrative Coordinator of the DSW Program; and information providing the date, time, and room location of the defense.

The text of the dissertation is double spaced, except for footnotes, long quoted passages and lists of tables and figures, which are single spaced.

Preparing Your Manuscript

Any non-italic or point font may be used. Headings may be larger. For footnotes, figures, citations, charts and graphs, a font of 8 point or larger may be used. Italic types may be used for quotations, words in a foreign language, occasional emphasis, or book titles. Every page in the dissertation has a number, except for the Title Page and the copyright notice if desired. For the preliminary pages — dedication optional , acknowledgements optional , abstract, table of contents, list of tables, graphs, illustrations and preface optional — use small Roman numerals i, ii, iii, iv, v, ….

These may be placed either at the top or the bottom of the page. The title page is counted as page i , and the copyright page if there is one as page ii , but do not print the page numbers on either of these two pages e. For the text, use Arabic numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, … starting with page 1 the first page of the text itself. If you use footnotes, it is recommended that you print page numbers at the page top. Do not print page numbers, footnotes, or anything else in the margins.

The Abstract is a condensed summary of the dissertation, double spaced, not to exceed words. The abstract, which is normally a single paragraph, typically consists of four parts: the statement of the problem; the procedure and methods used to investigate the problem; the results of the investigation; and the conclusions. The Abstract is published by Scholarly Commons and made available for full-text searching via the internet. Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT , a therapeutic approach that combines cognitive behavioral techniques and mindfulness meditation, was originally developed as a treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder BPD.

Research indicates that DBT is also effective in treating individuals with mood symptoms and self-injurious behaviors who do not meet the diagnostic criteria for BPD. This study explores the utility of using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy as an ancillary treatment for an inpatient population in an eating disorders clinic. Prior to beginning treatment, two self-report instruments were administered to measure affect regulation and distress tolerance. The instruments were administered again upon discharge from the clinic.

Descriptive data analysis indicated an improvement in affect regulation and distress tolerance in the DBT group and no change in affect regulation and distress tolerance in standard treatment protocol only group. Further research is needed to determine the longitudinal effects of the ancillary DBT treatment with this population and whether it improves outcomes in eating disorders symptoms and prognosis. The names and faculty titles rank and department of the Dissertation Committee members should be listed on the Title Page. If you want to use a format for your name that differs from the current name in the Penn In Touch System e.

The final step leading to the award of the DSW is depositing the dissertation manuscript to Scholarly Commons. Once accepted through Scholarly Commons, the dissertation will almost immediately be available for full-text searching via the internet at no cost. Select My Account from the left navigation column and then enter your email address and password.

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  • If you forget your password, you can enter your email address without a password, and will receive your password immediately by email. If you have trouble logging in or the system will not send you your password, please send an email to repository pobox.

    Review the copyright guidelines. You, and not Scholarly Commons, bear responsibility for certifying compliance with any applicable copyright regulations. The latter two formats are converted to PDF by the system after submission. Submissions can also include supplementary files in other formats including data sets, computer programs, and so forth. Details on producing appropriate formats are available in the File format and conversion guide.

    The Library may add or change supported format choices to reflect format choice and presentation that reflect changing technological capabilities. You may choose the embargo option if you wish to delay your dissertation from being accessible through a public web search for a period of one year.

    This is optional.

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    Log into your account. You will then go to a page that asks for title, authors, and other information. After you have deposited your material, you will be notified when it has been published to Scholarly Commons. If you selected the embargo option, your dissertation will be available one year from the date it was submitted. After you have submitted your dissertation to Scholarly Commons, submit a paper copy of the manuscript to the DSW Coordinator to be kept on file.

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