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Workers in slaughterhouses: the case of Kenny Dobbins at Monfort.

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Nearly half of the meals ordered from a menu were hamburger, French fries, or poultry, and about one third of orders included a carbonated beverage drink. Americans now spend more money on fast food than on higher education, personal computers, computer software, or new cars. They spend more on fast food than on movies, books, magazines, newspapers, videos, and recorded music — combined. Customers are drawn to familiar brands by an instinct to avoid the unknown.

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A brand offers a feeling of reassurance when its products are always and everywhere the same. Few of the people who built fast food empires ever attended college, let alone business school.

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They worked hard, took risks, and followed their own paths. In many respects, the fast food industry embodies the best and the worst of American capitalism — its constant stream of new products and innovations, its widening gulf between rich and poor. Related Papers.

Fast Food Nation. By Emmanuel Marillier.

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The Jungle and Fast Food Nation - Words | Essay Example

This fact can be exposed from the observation that, through Fast Food Nation , Eric Schlosser is seen to focus on the ills that plague the meat industry but in the jungle , only a few pages are dedicated to exposing the ills of the meat industry Sinclair 2. This observation can be traced to comments made by some observers that the jungle did not achieve its main objective which was to sensitize the American public about the plight of the American public because the public was more focused on the corruption that went on in the American meat industry.

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This observation is affirmed by Mcconnell who states that:. The focus on the plight of American immigrants in the Jungle can be further emphasized from the focus on the life of Jurgis Rudkus who was an American immigrant. The book focuses not only on his life working in the American meat industry but also on his life as a union leader and a miller Sinclair The focus of the book The Jungle is therefore centered on the treatment America gave Jurgis Rudkus as he tried to make a living and fend for his family.

The Jungle also focuses on the shortcomings of the American immigration and labor laws and how they were used by several technocrats to trample over the rights of the immigrants because they viewed them as expendable. Upton Sinclair gives a thorough insight into the life of an American immigrant by giving repeated accounts of the plight of Jurgis Rudkus and how he struggled to walk in the snow with nothing more than socks on his feet. He also gives an account of how immigrants lived in old houses and got taken advantage of by ruthless landlords who felt no sympathy for their plight.

More accounts of the suffering immigrant children had to go through like prostituting to put food on the table are given in the book Sinclair The author further focuses on the plight of Jurgis Rudkus and how he lost his family and more especially, his wife, to a rogue public official who never granted her maternity leave which caused her death because she suffered complications from her pregnancy.

From the differences exposed between the aim of writing Fast food Nation and The Jungle , we see that, both books are very different from each other.

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  5. Despite the fact that, the authors of both books were great scholars and revolutionists of their time, it is incorrect to compare the two books because they are completely different from each other. Both authors also have a different sense of accomplishment in delivering their points to their target audience and frankly, Eric Schlosser does a better job at communicating with his audience when compared to Upton Sinclair Graydyl 2. Eric Schlosser seems to have a better understanding of his facts and he seems to better understand how the capitalistic and socialist systems work.

    For instance from his deep understanding of capitalism, Eric Schlosser identifies that, it is difficult to change the status quo prevailing in the fast food industry but more specifically, he acknowledges that it is difficult to change the fast food culture itself Graydyl 2. On the other hand, the Jungle seems to explore only what is wrong with capitalism and suggest socialism as the better alternative. Such statements are made in an abstract manner without concrete proof. Fast Food Nation also seems to be more logically structured than the jungle because Fast Food Nation is written to appeal to the general American population but the jungle is written to relate to only a section of the American public immigrant workers and the working class.

    Fast Food Nation is also written from an informed point of view with correct utilization of facts and personal experiences to back up the same facts. Most importantly, Eric Schlosser shows how the information advanced in his book can be utilized in the real life. The Jungle uses a reverse approach, in the sense that, it tries to appeal to the emotional side of human beings by justifying its emotional appeal through logic and reason an approach which often does not work Graydyl 2.

    This is true because advancing facts via emotions is an abstract method of understanding, and it may fail to hold true in the minds of readers once the emotion disappears.

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    However, advancing facts through logic and reason is a guaranteed way of making people understand what one has to say and advancing emotions to supplement the fact is bound to make the information advanced even more effective. Furthermore, considering the fact that, The Jungle is based on a fictional setup, it becomes difficult for the audience to differentiate facts from fiction. The Jungle and Fast Food Nation are very different books which were written to advance different concepts.