Emf and internal resistance coursework

Class practical An introduction to the concept of internal resistance , using a more interesting example than a battery. Why do PT fuses have internal resistance?

Eng-Tips Posting Policies. This will enable you to calculate the Internal Resistance 'r'. Internal Resistance An introduction to the concept of ' internal resistance ' applied to both wet and dry electrical cells. How the electromotive force or E. The factors on which the internal resistance depends in a detailed manner. Internal resistance of circuit , Physics - Experts MindPhysics Assignment Help, Internal resistance of circuit , Internal Resistance of Circuit : As mentioned earlier in the section on batteries, every source of electricity.

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EMF and Internal Resistance - Lab Report Example

Measuring the EMF and internal resistance of a battery? For my coursework i have to measure the EMF and internal resistance of a battery.

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Rating Newest Oldest. R is the internal resistance of the battery.

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I is the measured current in a load and hence through the battery. What this means is that as soon as you connect a load the volts that you measure drop. When you attempt to start a car the lights dim because the current through the battery this consumes energy volts inside the battery.

EMF & Internal Resistance - A-level Physics

So start with a battery and measure its volts. Connect some load for example a suitable light bulb and put an ammeter in series with that. Now measure the volts again. The difference is the loss in the internal resistance. Source s :. Add a comment. I think I can at least get you started here. This is the voltage that would be available if the battery had no internal resistance.

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It is sometimes called the Open Circuit or Off Load voltage of the battery. It should be stated by the manufacturer of the battery, so you might need to look this up. OK As for doing the measurement, you will need access to the following An accurate ammeter An accurate voltmeter A calibrated resistor. This is a resistor that is used in calibration laboratories.

During my training [ 40 years ago!!! I have no idea what might be available today.

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You might have to research that yourself. Close the switch and measure the circuit current and record it.

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  • Again, follow the safety precautions for the meter. If your calibrated resistor is a variable one, then change it and measure the current again.